Differential & Drivetrain Components

Is your customer’s rear end making strange noises?

You’ve probably realized by now that our expertise doesn’t end at the transmission; in fact it just begins there. We’ve worked hard over the years to be the one-stop source for our customers’ needs by adding knowledgeable staff in all areas of transmission and drivetrain repair.

This has resulted in one of the most complete programs in the industry. Got a question, give one of our resident experts a call and if they don’t know the answer right away, we will work hard to get one for you.

Posi-Traction Units

Because we’re always looking for ways to save our customers time and money, we carry a broad array of complete posi-traction units from top OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, American Axle, Spicer, Auburn Gear and Eaton.

Performance Differentials.

Our line of posi-traction differentials covers all makes and models. So whether you require an OE replacement posi for the daily driver, or a spool or Electronically Controlled Locker for race application, the right unit is on our shelves and ready for you to install.

Differential Cases & Nest Kits

Whether you are facing a damaged differential case or some badly worn spider gears, we have the parts you need. Our line of differential cases and internal nest kits is one of the most extensive in the industry.  As always, our parts are manufactured by the best OEM and aftermarket suppliers out there. Think AAM, Spicer and Pro-King

Crown and Pinions

Quality is a concern among many technicians when it comes to crown and pinion sets. A poor quality set is labour intensive to set up and costs time and money when it comes back. For that very reason, we have sourced the absolute best in OEM and aftermarket replacement crown and pinion sets. We take the guess work and finger crossing out of differential repair.

Pro-King Differential Bearing Kits & Components

Our wide range of differential bearing kits has you covered. We only use quality bearings from OE manufacturers in all of our differential bearing kits, so you get the best quality kit available on the market.

In addition to bearing kits we also carry:

  • shim kits
  • clutch packs
  • crush sleeves
  • ring-gear bolts
  • plus a host of other differential components.

Front 4X4 Shafts

Our line of new OEM and rebuilt front 4X4 shafts is available for many of today’s popular vehicles. With the price and availability of these shafts, it no longer makes sense to buy used, unbalanced, shafts only to have to replace the U-Joints. With every one of our shafts, OEM or rebuilt, you get a shaft ready for installation and receive our guarantee of worry-free performance.

Axle Shafts

Our extensive line of affordable new OEM and aftermarket axle shafts gives you a quality repair option when replacing damaged and worn rear axles.

Differential Actuator Motors

We feature a wide variety of popular new OEM and aftermarket differential actuator motors. With huge cost savings and the same high level of quality as dealer units, we are your first choice for actuator motors.
Check out our actuator application chart »

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