Remanufactured Torque Converters

KING-O-MATIC is Canada's Largest Distributor of Remanufactured Torque Converters!

We believe a quality transmission rebuild isn’t finished until it is paired with the industry's best torque converter.

Our torque converters are remanufactured with exacting proprietary processes resulting in the best-performing, longest-lasting converters on the market. Each step of the process has been refined and improved over Recon’s 35+ years of torque converter remanufacturing experience. RECON uses the latest techniques and best equipment to produce torque converters of unsurpassed quality.

Datum Plane Generation™ is the proprietary method of keeping critical parallel and perpendicular surfaces straight throughout the machining and welding operations, resulting in a remanufactured torque converter that is as good as or better than the original.

Before shipping, torque converters are tested for:

  • hub runout
  • primary runout
  • lockup clutch endplay
  • leaks
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